About Me


Well hello there! I’m LPC, a quilting addict and fabric hoarder, who also likes to sew clothes, knit, bake and travel. I’ve been quilting for about 5 years, dressmaking for 18 months, knitting on and off since I was a child, and baking and travelling all my life. I try and sew a little every day.

I’m originally English, but I’ve also lived in Germany (Konstanz) and the US (Long Island, NY) – which is where I first learnt to quilt. I now live in the beautiful city of Lausanne, Switzerland, with my husband, RR, and my 2 naughty Maine Coon kitties, Mr Boy and Mimi Bubba (aka the Chief Quilt Testers).

DSC08460 DSC08459

I may not be the world’s most accomplished quilter, but I’m certainly very enthusiastic (if a little ADD at times…), and I always try to do something new in every project.

I hope you’ll enjoy joining me on my quilting journey

3 responses

  1. Hi Lynne!
    This is so much fun… I’m hooked! Love all that energy you have!

  2. Hi lynne..our little group from st. Thomas has dwindled down a lot…I still love doing things too..do you use batiks?.how did the blue jacket turn out?. best wishes, catharine

  3. Hello Lynne…..

    I am a Canadian quilter and I am moving with my husband to Marin-Epagnier (NE) in late October. My husband showed me your blog. I’m thrilled to come across another English-speaking quilter.

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