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A lap quilt for Mum

For the longest time, Mum has wanted me to make her a quilt. And I was going to. Really I was. Then, just as I was about to cut up the fabric, I happened to ring her, and she just happened to mention she’d redecorated her bedroom, and all my carefully laid plans were scuppered.


But  having got that far, the idea stuck. Mum deserved a quilt. I’d made one for Dad (out of desperation, when I had no clue what to get him for his birthday, and using the colours of our rugby team, Bath Rugby). I’d made one for my sister (for her 40th birthday). I’d made one for my niece, the beautiful Miss B. I’d made one for Mad Cousin Jude when she got married, and a baby quilt when she had little Jacob back in September. I’d made quilts for various friends, sundry babies, and several for myself, and yet no quilt for Mum. I felt like a terrible daughter.

And so, over Christmas, I hatched a plan.

I had a trip back to the UK booked for January, to spend a couple of days with Mum. A bed-sized quilt was out of the question in the time available, given my exhaustion following my pre-Christmas sewing frenzy. In any case I wanted to check out the new colour scheme in her bedroom before I made a decision about bed quilts. But, I wondered, could I make a lap quilt for her before my visit? Mum has a beautiful conservatory on the back of her house, and she loves to sit there and read in the morning, but in the winter it can be rather chilly first thing. A lap quilt would be ideal!

And sitting in my sewing room, in a box, all forlorn, were the remnants of the kitty camouflage quilt. This consisted of a stack of 9″ half square triangles, a tangle of unused jelly roll strips and a yard or so of border fabric that I’d decided not to use on the original quilt. All in warm colours that I knew Mum would love.


So what to do with half square triangles? A pinwheel and hourglass quilt, of course! And because the triangles were already pieced and squared up, it went together really quickly.


I pieced the backing from the leftover border fabric and some of the jelly roll strips, and I used more strips for the binding.



I quilted a large circular flower motif in each of the 12 original pinwheel blocks…


… and a smaller, travelling floral and leaf pattern in the centres of the secondary pinwheel and hourglass blocks.


I finished the binding last Monday evening, the night before I went to visit Mum.

And so on Tuesday I arrived at Mum’s, and I gave her the quilt – happily, she loved it! As did her dogs, Barley and Anna (although fortunately their fur blends in reasonably well with the colours on the quilt…) It’s already installed in the conservatory and has already been put to use on chilly mornings.


Quilt dimensions: 50″ x 66 1/2″ (127cm x 169cm)

Fabric for top and backing: Cinnamon Spice by Blackbird Designs for Moda Fabric

Batting: Quilters Dream Select Cotton

Thread – Isacord 0651 polyester

Anyway, I’ve now promised Mum a bed quilt before too long – to match her newly decorated bedroom, and to try and blend in with the fur of My Friend Samantha, her lovely, affectionate cat.


Looks like it won’t be a white quilt then!

Drat you, Mother!

For the past couple of years, Mum has been hinting that she’d love me to make her a quilt. It started quite subtly, but, as time has gone by, it’s become increasingly pointed, until even Mad Aunty Jean started hinting on Mum’s behalf. So I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’ve been stalling her. I actually bought the fabric for the quilt I want to make her 3 1/2 years ago, on my last fabric-shopping binge before moving to Switzerland, but for one reason or another I’d never got round to making the blasted thing. It was going to be all purples and whites to match her pretty, pale lavender-coloured bedroom. It was going to be lovely.


Well, about a month or so ago, I decided that I really ought to get on and make the damned quilt. I’d been putting it off again and again, and to tell the truth I was feeling bad that I’d made quilts for so many other people and not yet for Mum. So I got all the fabric out, washed, dried and ironed it, and decided that this was going to be my next big project. In fact, I was all ready to get cutting this weekend. I was even hoping it might be ready in time for Mother’s Day next year. For a while I felt the warm, fuzzy glow of being a Good Daughter – something that, sadly, doesn’t happen often.

It didn’t last long.

This afternoon I spoke to Mum to let her know that her Christmas present was on its way. As usual, 90% of the conversation revolved around her dogs. But in between learning all about the imminent arrival of Barley’s puppies, where she’s putting the whelping box, what a good girl Anna is etc., she just happened to drop the bombshell that she’s redecorated her bedroom. It is no longer lavender-coloured. It’s now raspberry-red and cream. And to be honest, from the way she described it, I really don’t think that the fabrics in my original quilt will go.

Drat you, Mother!

So what to do? Will Mum be getting the original purple, lilac and white quilt which will no longer match her newly decorated bedroom? Will I be raiding my stash to find alternative fabric? Or is it back to the drawing board and a possible fabric spree when we’re in NY for Thanksgiving?

Sorry, Mum, I may have had good intentions for once,  but it looks like you’ll be waiting a bit longer now to get your long-desired quilt…