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A new arrival

On Saturday night I received some truly wonderful news. My lovely cousin, MCJ, (that’s Mad Cousin Jude to the uninitiated…) and her husband G became parents. Mad Aunty Jean (yes, it runs in the family, this whole madness thang…) is one excited first-time Grandma, Uncle J is ecstatic, and I couldn’t be happier for all of them. I love babies, me¬†ūüôā

Little Jacob was born on Saturday, weighing in at 7lb 5 oz, or 3.3 kg, and arriving a whole 2 1/2¬†weeks early. Now, you know¬†me, what¬†with my Quilter’s ADD and my little procrastination habit and all that – well, suffice to say, the baby quilt was Not Yet Finished for this early arrival.¬†I’d decided on a pattern – a tumbler quilt. The fabric – from the Happi range, by Dena Fishbein – had been carefully chosen, washed, pressed and cut, and I’d worked out my layout. It just wasn’t sewn together yet.


In fact, it was sitting on my sewing table in 14 neat piles, labelled Row 1 through Row 14. And had been for some time. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, after spending the whole of Saturday playing with my new obsession of the Broken Herringbone block for the quilt along, rather than doing all the things I actually¬†needed to do, this came as a bit of a reality check! As in – better get your arse in gear, Pusscat! So Sunday, which I’d initially¬†earmarked for¬†digging out herringbone quilt fabric from my stash and general pottering around in my sewing room,¬†was spent at the sewing machine, piecing Jacob’s quilt. Here it is, hanging over the¬†door to my sewing¬†cabinet¬†once I’d sewn the blocks¬†into rows.


Now, this is the first time I’ve made a tumbler quilt, though I’ve been¬†drooling over them on Pinterest for ages, and I was really surprised at how easily it went together. It looks so much more complicated than it actually is, which can only be a good thing in my opinion! In fact, I¬†probably spent more time cutting than I did piecing. I opted for a kind of elongated¬†hexagon layout, in alternating columns of¬†mainly-white and mainly-blue blocks. Cute, yet modern looking, I think.

And –¬†drumroll please!!! – here is the quilt top in all its glory, waiting to be basted and quilted. I¬†think I’m going to¬†quilt free form chevrons across it, given the angles of the blocks and the chevron fabric in the quilt top. I haven’t decided yet whether to true up the edges to make a rectangular shaped quilt, or whether to use a bias binding¬†and keep the whole tumbler-shape, ziggy-zaggy thing going down the sides. I’ll suck it and see when I’ve done the quilting.


And finally¬†a close-up of some of the tumbler blocks. I just love those cute little lions, don’t you?!


So, when it comes to it, it seems I CAN sometimes get things done. Maybe I’ll divert all this positive energy into finishing up my quilts for the Quilt Show, cracking on through some of my (numerous!) WIPs, or – heaven forbid – actually getting started on some quilting (the pile of unquilted quilt tops is starting to get out of control…)

Well, you never know ūüėČ