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More Christmas goodies

This Christmas, RR decided he needed a new iPad. One of those new, shiny iPad Airs. To be fair, his old iPad was past its best. It was 4 years old and getting very creaky, creaky as in every time you turned it sideways it crashed. And it couldn’t run the latest version of the Apple software. And anyway, he just wanted one. So that was settled.

Of course we had to go to buy the iPad together, otherwise I would surely have bought the wrong thing – not enough GB or too many or the wrong colour or whatever. I also wanted to buy it before we went to New York so I didn’t have to stress about present-shopping once we got back.  And so it came to pass that for a month before Christmas, a shiny new iPad was sitting in my cupboard, waiting to be unwrapped by my hunnybunny on the Big Day…

Now, I’ve been wanting to make a present for my lovely RR for ages, but he’s not really a quilt kind of chap. He appreciates their beauty and all the work that goes into them, he loves having them on the bed, and is wonderful at helping pick out the fabric and working on layouts. He just doesn’t like to snuggle up underneath them in front of the tv like I do. So what to make? Well, every time I opened my cupboard, I saw his iPad staring back at me. And, I figured, who could possibly resist a hand-made iPad cover to protect their shiny new toy? Especially if I made it Really Cool and Not At All Girly. And how more cool and ungirly could it get than a Darth Vader themed case??!

So, after searching online, I found this amazing Darth Vader fabric at Spoonflower…


And this utterly cool paper-pieced Lego Darth Vader pattern on Craftsy, by Kristy at Quiet Play

LEGO Darth Vader Paper Pieced Pattern

And I combined them with an iPad cover tutorial which I adapted from the latest PatCHquilt newsletter

To create this…




Cool, huh?!

For the front I used lots of little scraps from my scrap bin in various shades of grey and black, and bordered it with a skinny piece of appropriately Sith-red fabric. The zipper had, of course, to be black 🙂 I added fusible fleece to both the outside and inside of the case to give the iPad more padding and protection.

To finish it off, I quilted Lord Vader in the ditch between all the twiddly little pieces, to give his mask definition, then I stitched some straight lines on the background,  spaced about 1/2″ apart. The back and the inside of the case were quilted with wavy lines between the columns of Vader heads. I finished it off with a black Lego brick keychain on the zip, a little extra for my favourite Lego fan…

It was great fun to make, and what do you know? Although he loves the iPad, the case was actually his favourite present!

Success all round, methinks 🙂

The long-awaited quilt show

Well, the quilt show is finally behind us and I’m happy to say I can look back at it with a certain amount of satisfaction. It was a great success!

DSC08698 DSC08696

The wonderful and exceedingly talented ladies of the Patchwork du Léman club displayed a total of 98 beautiful quilts of all shapes and sizes, and in all the colours of the rainbow. There were 35 entries into the Challenge, all exceptionally creative. And to cap it all (from my perspective at least!), I sold one of my quilts! Only the little apple one, not one of the larger ones, but still… Suffice to say that excited doesn’t even come close! Oh yes indeedy!!!

So, without further ado, here are some of my favourites amongst the 98 quilts and 35 challenge entries…


“Ma Balade” – Marianne Bender


“Scrap Papillons” – Nicole Bietenholz


“Tribulations” – Evelyne Estier


“Kaleidoscope” – Irma Müller


“Bal des Lucioles sous la Gloriette” – Patricia Fuentes


“Elephants” – Fabienne Favroz

And, as promised, here is a photo of my giant pink and purple paper-pieced beauty, hung up in all her glory. I called this quilt Stargazing with Nancy Cap after my lovely friend, Nancy, who originally taught me to paper-piece.  It measures 230cm x 230cm (91″ x 91″) and was custom long-arm quilted at Patch Ideal in Diessenhofen.


So all in all, I’m very happy with my first ever quilt show, and I hope that everyone who came to see our quilts enjoyed it as much as I did!