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Fabric Fast check-in – 2 months in, and going strong…

Well, who’d have thought it?!

It’s been 2 months since I took the plunge and signed up to the Fabriholics Anonymous Fabric Fast, and I’m doing well. Really well, in fact. Oh yes!

I started out back in January by taking a good hard look at my sewing room, and deciding that it Was Not Conducive to finishing projects or making the most of my stash. Sure, I had fabric stored neatly in my cupboard and drawers (and the spare room wardrobe too, if you really want to know…), and my projects were all nicely organised into boxes, but they were piled up all over the place higgledy-piggledy and not desperately accessible.

Following the tactical purchase of an Ikea bookcase, and the relocation of my sewing machine to the corner by the window to enable said bookcase to actually fit in the room, my sewing space is now much more organised, and I can see all my stash and my projects at a glance.


New Ikea bookcase full of project boxes


My newly-organised stash cupboard


Pre-cuts and fabric bundles


Dress making fabric


General yardage

Now I can actually see all my yummy fabric, I’m feeling inspired to cut into it and use it up. And I have been! I earmarked my stash of Taxi fabrics for the 2014 Sugar Block Club block of the month, and have already made January and February’s blocks. I’ve also re-discovered some Fig Tree pre-cuts, which had been stored out of sight in a drawer, and which I’m planning to use to make a wedding quilt for RR’s cousin, Miss S, and her soon to be husband, Mr E.

I still have a whole box of scraps which need to be sorted, but I’ve been waiting for a snow day to get going on this and we haven’t had any snow yet this year…

I’ve also been working my way through my project list, and already have a couple of finishes to my name this year- like Mum’s lap quilt and my Whole Lotta Bag.

DSC00609 DSC00666

But what’s more important for me is that I haven’t felt the need to buy any more quilting fabric. I’ve unsubscribed from all the fabric-porn newsletters I used get, and haven’t been actively looking on-line at new, must-have fabric lines. A big test came 2 weeks ago, when I popped into my local quilt shop with Ms C, who needed border fabric for her beautiful one block wonder quilt. Yes I looked, and yes I touched, and yes I may have been a teeny bit tempted – but I didn’t buy ANYTHING!!! I don’t know who was more shocked – me, Ms C, or the owner!

What’s more, I’m not getting bored with the projects I have on the go, or with my stash, and I’ve so many quilt and dressmaking ideas whirring around in my head that I’m excited about.

So, all in all, so far so good on the Fabric Fast front – long may it continue!

Now where did I put that fabric?

After finally completing the last of my blocks for the 2012 Designer Mystery Block of the Month last week, I was on a roll and felt inspired to actually put them all together and finish the entire quilt top. Which led to a teeny tiny problem – where on earth was the finishing kit I had ordered? It had been shipped with Block 1 in June last year, and after cooing over the fabric, I duly put it somewhere safe until all the blocks were done and I was ready to get finishing. Somewhere very safe, evidently. I looked everywhere safe I could think of, but it was nowhere to be found…

Now, procrastination being my middle name, the temptation to go and have a nice cup of tea, forget the blasted finishing kit, and start a new project instead was overwhelming. But my 12 squared up blocks all looked so pretty…

2012 mystery BOTM

… that I decided to take the bull by the horns and scour my sewing room for the missing fabric. Which wasn’t the easiest of tasks.  There were stacks of fabric everywhere (courtesy of a shopping expedition or two in England the other week, and some judicious internet shopping shipped to friends that RR picked up when he was in New York at the start of June…), patterns in piles on my desk, a scraps bin bursting at the seams (and an overflow scraps bag to boot), different projects in various stages of completion cluttering up my cutting table – well, suffice to say, it was time for a much-needed yet frequently-postponed full-scale tidy-up.

Actually, I’m always surprised to realise that sewing room tidy-ups are never as bad as I think they’re going to be. Once I’ve embraced my inner de-clutterer, and gone into a clearing up and cleaning frenzy, they can sometimes even be pleasurable. And so it was this time round. I went through my piles of fabric that needed putting away, sorted out a brand new home for all my dressmaking fabric, found 3 projects I’d forgotten all about, and started to mull over what I’m going to use various fabrics in my stash for. All my threads have been put away into the thread rack in my sewing machine cabinet, drawers in my cutting table have been designated for pre-cuts (now beautifully stacked, rather than thrown in any-old-how), space in the bookcase has been liberated for my latest purchases, and my fabric cupboard is now tidy once more.

289 294

And to top it all, I even found the finishing kit! (in the drawer, top right…)

290 292

I love the smug, deeply domesticated feeling I get when everything is neatly folded and put away, and calm and tidiness reigns 🙂  The only problem now is that I’ve run out of places to put stuff. What I really need is more room. I’m already using every spare square inch of space available in my sewing room. I find myself looking jealously at the huge possibilities of annexing the spare bedroom too. Now, I wonder how on earth I can convince RR that we don’t really need a guest room after all…